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Although ATV’s can be immense fun, they are not toys, and numerous safety issues arise with use.

The single most important piece of safety equipment is without doubt, the helmet. Studies have shown that wearing a helmet does not reduce essential vision and hearing as is believed in some circles, these studies have also proven that without a helmet the risk of serious head injuries increases phenomenally.

Colour, design and overall look are probably the main factors considered when buying a helmet, however, TQC believes these should be secondary factors, and protection should be the first and main consideration.

There are numerous styles to choose from, obviously the more coverage a helmet gives, the greater level of protection you receive whilst wearing it.

The full face helmet, although previously thought of as uncomfortable and bulky, not to mention hot and poorly ventilated, has come on leaps and bounds over the past few years. New materials and manufacturing processes have resulted in a lightweight yet sturdy helmet, with increased comfort due to design improvements in ventilation.

The full face helmet should be your first choice.

Next down the list is the three quarter or “open-faced” helmet, this does not offer any protection for your face or chin, and so extra safety equipment would be required to keep you fully protected.

Helmets, as you now know, are not simply fashion accessories, they are an important piece of what can sometimes be lifesaving equipment, it is therefore very important that they fit correctly, your chosen helmet should feel snug, yet comfortable and fasten securely. Helmets come in different sizes, so if yours does not fit like this, it is perhaps time to invest in a new one!

TQC can help with helmet sizing for adults and children.

A good helmet will not only protect your skull from the effects of hitting the ground at speed if you should be unfortunate enough to be in an accident, it also offers eye protection. Standard sunglasses do not do this, so take the thought out of your head right now!!!!

Imagine you are out with friends, offroading and having a great time, you are flying across fields and through river beds, until a small fly or bit of leaf goes into your eye, your body’s first reaction is to close your eye tight, and not just the eye that has been injured, but both eyes, if you are travelling at speed over uneven terrain, this is not a good reflex. The type of accident that could occur does not bear thinking about, not to mention the lasting damage it may have done to your eye in the first instance. Therefore full helmets are once again the best choice as they offer visor protection from foreign objects.

However, if your helmet does not have a visor, you will need to buy a pair of goggles, these should be manufactured to BS4110 OZA. You can get various finishes on goggles the same as on helmet visors, such as tinted for daytime riding, yellow for overcast days and clear for night time riding. Visors in helmets must be approved to BS4110:1999, All helmets which are manufactured to BS 6658:1985 will be fitted with a visor which satisfies this.

TQC can help you navigate the large field of helmet choices and take the worry and stress out of your purchase.

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